The Southwest Section of the International Ninety-Nines, Inc is made up of the U.S. states: California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. JOIN US!


Registration for the Southwest Section 99s Spring 2018 Meeting, Bakersfield CA. is available now!

The SWS 99s Spring 2018 meeting is hosted by the Bakersfield Chapter,
and will take place April 26th – April 29, 2018.

Click the web address below to visit the event website for more information and to register.


Southwesterly Summer 2017 Newsletter Published!

The Spring 2017 Southwesterly newsletter can be found under News – The Southwesterly (, or by following this link:

The Spring 2017 message from our Southwest Section Governor – Alice Talnack can be found under News – Governor’s Corner (


 Ventura County 99s 2017 17th Annual Classes and Movies.

The Ventura County 99s 2017 17th Annual Pilot Proficiency Classes will begin on Wednesday Feb 8th with great instructors, some new classes, and screenings of a fabulous aviation movie, Heroes on Deck: World War II on Lake Michigan.

  • Captains Barry and Brian Schiff will kick off the season with a new class for VFR and IFR pilots: “Unusual Airports and Unusual Approaches.”
  • On Feb 11, we will host two screenings of Heroes on Deck: World War II on Lake Michigan, an Emmy award-winning documentary for audiences who love aviation, history and stories of heroism. The film tells the story of the ingenious carrier pilot training program on Lake Michigan that changed the course of the war in the Pacific and operations to recover the 100 warbirds that ended up at the bottom of the Lake.  Register early for one of these screenings as seating is limited.
  • There are three ForeFlight classes:  a 2.5 hour beginner’s ForeFlight class, “ForeFlight 101-Intro to the Basics” with Mike Jesch;  and two all-day classes taught by Brian Schiff:  “ForeFlight 201-VFR” and “ForeFlight 301-IFR.”
  • ATC Controller Bill Broadwell will help you improve or refresh your communication skills with “Effective Pilot/ATC Communications.”
  • Mike Jesch and Gary Schank will explore pilot mind sets that result in unsuccessful outcomes in “Seven Deadly Sins.”
  •  Back by popular demand our panel of 4 airlines pilots with strong general aviation backgrounds will present “More Airline Techniques for GA Pilots,” a sequel to last year’s highly acclaimed “Airline Techniques for GA Pilots.”
  •  Adrian Eichhorn will share the wisdom he gained in his 2016 once-in-a-lifetime around the world solo trip in his Bonanza in “Around the World: Lessons in Risk Management for Every Pilot.”
  •  Ever popular classes returning to this year’s lineup include: “Annual Pilot Refresher” with Michael Phillips (satisfies ground portion of a Flight Review) and Judy Phelps’ “Understanding Charts and Airspace.”
  •  For IFR Pilots and instrument students we have Judy Phelps’ all-day “IFR Refresher Clinic” (which satisfies the ground portion of an IPC) and DPE Doug Stewart’s “The Art of Flying IFR: Situational Awareness.”
  •  DPE Doug Stewart has two additional classes this year:  “Weather: Beyond the Standard Briefing” and “True Confessions: the Mistakes I’ve Made.”
  •  “Preparing for the Private Pilot Practical Test” and “Preparing for the Instrument Practical Test” are two new oral exam and check ride classes taught by the team of DPE Ken Wittekiend and Master CFII Michael Phillips.
  • Returning to his roots from his new base in northern CA, Gene Hudson will present “Flying Through and Around LAX & SAN Class Bravo Airspace” and “Anticipating and Coping with the Dreaded Vacuum Failure.”
  •  Two aerobatic instructors, Judy Phelps and Rochelle Oslick will help you deal with unusual attitudes with “Stalls, Spins & Unusual Attitudes: Keeping the Sunny Side Up.”
  •  Master CFI Aerobatic Michael Church has two classes:   “The Possible Turn: Surviving Low-Level Engine Malfunction” and “Staying Alive: 5 Subjects to Keep You Flying for Another Day.”


Additional information about the classes, dates and instructors can be found at If you are planning on attending more than 2 or 3 classes, a special 99s season pass for members of the 99s and their immediate family is a great deal.  We have early bird pricing on season passes that will expire on Feb 26th.  If you are registering for a season pass, please remember to choose which classes you plan to attend (and only choose one of the two movie screenings) so we have an accurate head count.   If you want Wings credit for the classes, please register with the same email address you used for the FAA Wings program.

Please preregister at least 24 hours in advance at for any of the classes you want to attend.  We highly recommend on-line registration and payment to make sure we have seats and any course materials for everyone.  We are unable to handle phone or email registrations and have tried to put all the relevant information on the web site including a downloadable schedule of classes on the class flyer tab. If after you have looked at the web site you have questions about the classes, please email us at so we can add the missing information to the web site.  We expect the screenings of the film Heroes on Deck to sell out, so please register early for one of the screenings to make sure you get a seat.

The classes are open to all pilots (rusty and proficient), student pilots, flight instructors and pilots returning to the cockpit after a prolonged absence.   Please feel free to forward this email to your pilot friends.  We hope to see you at the classes! 

Best wishes for good health, blue skies and much joy for 2017


2016 Nominating Committee for the Southwest Section

Click here to view the list of the 2016 Nominating Committee for the Southwest Section.



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