A message from our Southwest Section Governor – Alice Talnack

Spring 2017

Alice Talnack

The annual SWS Winter Workshop was held at the end of January in Costa Mesa, California, hosted by the Orange County Chapter. The purpose of the annual Winter Workshop is to roll up our sleeves and delve into a topic, learn more about the 99s organization, or reinvent something we already do and love about the SWS 99s. It is always a learning experience and time well spent. Quality and quantity time that we cannot always devote at the bi-annual SWS Business Meetings.

At this year’s workshop Forty (40) SWS members flew, drove, assembled, to work on our SWS Awards Program. Amazing how one word “Awards” could generate so much discussion, passion, energy, input and productivity. All of the Awards Chairs were present and conducted the afternoon breakout sessions that opened up the flow of ideas. A new feature that we are adding to the SWS website will be the agendas, minutes and handouts from each Winter Workshop to be available in the future on the SWS website, http://sws99s.org/membersonly/general-section-information/

If you have never attended a Winter Workshop or have not attended one recently, plan on attending next year. The attendees selected “Scholarships” for the next workshop. We are working with the Embry-Riddle – Prescott, Arizona Campus to hold the workshop there and tour the campus. More details will follow as we see if their campus activities will be able to accommodate us.

Of course, it is not always business with us. Seeing fellow SWS 99s, chatting, dinners, walks, are the bestpart of being together as these photos show.

Several amendments to our SWS Bylaws and Standing Rules are on the agenda to allow electronic voting by the section and any interested chapters. And updates on the SWS 2020 International Conference and reports from International Headquarters projects will be given to keep you and your chapter members informed.

Always feel free to contact me with any questions, requests, assistance you may need. Your 2016-2018 SWS Board is hard at work for you.


Alice Talnack
Your SWS Governor