A message from our Southwest Section Governor – Alice Talnack

Spring 2018

Alice Talnack

We held our Fall Meeting in Redding, California. Plans were made for the Winter Workshop, and for the SWS to host the 2020 International Conference.

The annual SWS Winter Workshop was held at the end of January in Glendale, Arizona, hosted by the Phoenix Chapter.  At this year’s workshop forty (40) SWS members attended to learn about scholarship opportunities.  Amazing how one topic “Scholarships” can generate so much discussion, passion, energy, input and productivity. The agenda for the day included presentations on chapter scholarships, AEMSF and non-99s scholarships that are available. It is always a learning experience and time well spent. Quality and quantity time, we cannot always devote at the bi-annual SWS Business Meetings. Several topics focusing on leadership training were suggested for next year’s WWS -2019.

Our Spring SWS Meeting was held in Bakersfield, California.  Last spring the members voted and approved our SWS Bylaws and Standing Rules to allow electronic voting by the section and/or chapters. We held our first evote election for the 2018-2020 SWS Board of Directors this spring.

With 43 chapters in our section our chapters are always active in flying and public events to promote general aviation and The Ninety-Nines.  Our membership continues to grow and recently the Los Angeles and the Yavapai chapters were reactivated. Our quarterly newsletter, The Southwesterly, is available on our website http://sws99s.org/news with our latest Fall & Spring editions.

As always, our section meetings and Winter Workshops are open to other section members to attend.  Please contact me if you would like to join us at one of our upcoming meetings.


Alice Talnack
Your SWS Governor