A message from our Southwest Section Governor – Jeanne Fenimore

Fall 2018

Where has this summer gone?
It been a busy, hot, scary summer. The Carr Fire in Northern California had several of the Mt. Shasta members evacuated, but they are home now with their homes safe. It’s at moments like this you really understand how important your 99 Sisters are. Where did several of the 99 evacuees go? Barbara Crooker’s home. Barbara and her family gave them a place to stay, fed them and gave them comfort. Because that’s what 99s do!
It was a great honor to represent the Southwest Section at the 99s International Conference last July in Philadelphia. There is so much history in that city and it was quite a learning experience to be there about the same time of year that the Signers were debating our Country’s future, locked in a small, hot, stuffy room. It gives you a new appreciation of their sacrifice.
International has been working hard for us; they have a new Marketing Campaign and membership has grown 12% in the last 14 months.
You might have noticed the advertisements for the 99s on Social Media. Look for the 99s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Wikipedia. Consider creating an account on any of these sites for your Chapter.
At Philadelphia, a one-day Career Fair was held on Friday of the Conference and it was a huge success. It looked like every Airline, Military and large Flight School was there talking about Career opportunities. The 2019 Conference in Dayton will host a Career Day and so will the 2020 Conference the Southwest Section is hosting on the Queen Mary.
Karen Hausteen from the Phoenix Chapter is the newest member of the Nominating Committee, filling the vacancy we had on the committee.
Our Southwesterly Editor needs some help with the Newsletter, if you have skills formatting a Newsletter Jeanne Pierce would appreciate your help. Let her know if you can help.
Pat Chan has been busy working with Chapters hosting Future Section Meetings. The Fall Section Meeting October 4-6 in Claremont is going to be a fun event. The San Gabriel Chapter has added a one-day Saturday-only Registration for $99.00. This includes the Business Meeting, Seminars and Awards Banquet. The Seminars are going to be interesting and Lori Parker’s Seminar on applying for scholarships is a must
The Winter Workshop will be held on February 2, 2019 in San Diego. This is a one-day Workshop where we discuss opportunities that might help your Chapter stay active and keep your members involved. We will have more information at the Fall Section Meeting.
Spring 2019 – Section Meeting will be in Sacramento, April 4-7.
Fall 2019 – Section is San Luis Obispo, they have lots of plans
Spring 2020 – We need a Chapter to host this meeting. If your Chapter is interested, please contact Pat Chan.
Fall 2020 – Tucson Chapter will host this meeting, details later.
Don’t forget the 2019 International Conference in Dayton, Ohio, July 16-21, 2019. “Dayton is the Wright Place to be in 2019.”
Then there is 2020, July 8-12 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. It’s time for us to get to work so please plan to be there.


Jeanne Fenimore
Your SWS Governor