A message from our Southwest Section Governor – Alice Talnack

Winter 2016

Alice Talnack

One of the many delights of being your Governor is the emails that I receive. Recently, I received the announcement and letters for the AEMSF – Fall, Amelia Earhart Scholarship Fly Now Award – winners. That brings our 2016 Fly Now awardees total to 12. Congratulations to all of the awardees, their chapters, mentors and supporters.

For several years, the topic of what to do with our accumulated chapter and SWS memorabilia has been discussed at Section Meetings, Winter Workshops, Chapter Chair and Board Meetings. This fall, at the business meeting it was on the agenda again; this time with a couple of ideas to move this project forward. The members approved the plan to bring the SWS memorabilia back to the SWS. Anita Lewis, our Historian, had moved to Texas and carefully stored our records for us for the past few years. After the Fall Board Meeting at headquarters in early November Jeanne Fenimore, SWS Vice-Governor, Paula Sandling, SWS Director, and myself drove to visit with Anita and bring our treasures home.

After a wonderful visit with Anita and her husband, Vic, and a few hours of packing up boxes the records were transported and are temporarily in storage in Southern California. Jeanne plans to put a committee together to help filter through everything to see what we possess. Once that is done we will proceed on how and where to preserve our SWS history. I cannot thank Jeanne, Paula, Anita, Verna West, and all of the other helpers over the years for having the foresight to fulfill a portion of the 99s mission; to preserve our history.

Another email that I received this past fall was a reminder that the SWS is scheduled to host the 2020 International Conference. Again, a team of members worked on locations, availability, costs, hotel accommodations, etc. After narrowing down to practicable options, we proposed to the International Board that Long Beach, California would be a good location. They approved our submittal.

At this time the plan is to stay aboard the Queen Mary, anchored in Long Beach. Again, Jeanne Fenimore has taken the lead on this project. She will be contacting chapters to help with the various tasks. If your chapter wants to step forward and volunteer, contact Jeanne.

Hope to see you soon. I love receiving all of your invitations to attend your chapter events. Keep them coming.

Alice Talnack
SWS Governor, 2016-2018