In addition to the scholarships listed on this page, Section members may be eligible for the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships. Each year, The Ninety-Nines award several Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships to qualified members for advanced flight training or courses in specialized branches of aviation. To learn more about these scholarships, please see our Section’s AEMSF webpage.

For more general scholarship information, see the International Ninety-Nines website.

 Tips for applying to scholarships

The following are Southwest Section chapters that offer scholarships:



  • Alameda County Chapter 99s
    The Alameda County Chapter of the Ninety-nines, Inc. is sponsoring one Aviation Scholarship in the amount of $1,000. The applicant must be a female who is actively pursuing flight training, has soloed and passed her FAA Written Examination and must live within the nine Bay Area Counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma). Contact for more info.
  • Aloha Chapter 99s
    The Aloha Chapter of the Ninety-nines, Inc. is sponsoring the Marguerite Gambo Wood scholarship.  The applicant must be a female who is actively pursuing flight training and must be a Hawai‘i resident. For more info: Marguerite Gambo Wood Flight Scholarships for Women.
  • Bakersfield Chapter
    The Bakersfield Chapter of The Ninety-Nines is offering two $1000 scholarships for student pilot training, one $1000 scholarship for an advanced rating, two $500 Flight Review scholarships and two $500 additional endorsement scholarships to local women. Visit the website for more info.
  • Bay Cities Chapter
    The Bay Cities chapter of the Ninety-Nines is offering one $1,000 to provide funding toward pilot training materials, ground school, or exams. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide a little extra monetary assistance to a woman working on her flight ratings.  Visit the website for more info or contact.
  • Coyote Country Chapter 99s
    The Coyote Country Capter is offering both the Pam Van Der Linden Memorial Scholarship and the Mary Santosuosso Aviation Scholarship. For more info contact Shannon Austin.
  • Imperial So-Lo 99s: 
    The Bob Douthitt Memorial Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship is established for a licensed pilot seeking a higher rating. For more information, please contact Mari Hurley.
  • Long Beach 99s:
    The Long Beach chapter of the Ninety-Nines is offering one $1,000. This scholarship is open to women in the South Bay area of Los Angeles working on a pilot license, pilot revalidation or further ratings. Visit the website for more info or contact.
  • Marin 99s:
    $500 “Wing Up” Check Ride Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide funding for the initial (private) or next level (instrument, commercial, etc.) check ride to support the dreams of women embracing aviation either as a personal passion or as a career.
  • Monterey Bay 99s
    Two annual scholarships for a student pilot and an advanced pilot who are at least 18 years old and resident of Monterey or Santa Cruz County. For additional information and an application, please visit the Monterey chapter website.
  • Mount Diablo 99s
    One $1,250 scholarship for an addition rating or certificate — due August 15. Criteria includes: private pilot license, current medical, must live within 50 NM of Concord Buchanan Airport, and be a member of the 99s. Contact Kristi Mansel for more information.
  • Mount Shasta 99s:
    The Mount Shasta chapter of the Ninety-Nines is offering a $1500 scholarship to local women. The scholarship can be used by the recipient to obtain the private pilot license, or toward an advanced rating to further her pursuit of an aviation career. Visit the website for more info.
  • Phoenix 99s:
    The Phoenix Chapter of the Ninety-Nines offers two $2,000 scholarships to women in Arizona. Details and an application are on the website, or for additional information please contact.
  • Reno Area 99s: 
    The Reno Area Chapter 99s is offering three scholarships: one Advanced Rating in the amount of $2000, one Private Certificate in the amount of $1500, and one Recurrency Scholarship in the amount of $500. For more details, please contact Kathy Walton.
  • Reno High Sierra 99s:
    We offer three scholarships $3,500 for an advanced rating; $2,500 for a student pilot; $1,000 for re-currency or a new endorsement. All are available for females within a 99 nm radius of the Reno-Tahoe Airport. Applications are due Oct. 15, 2017. Information and applications are on our website at  This year we are offering a special Discover Aviation scholarship for $1,000 to anyone 16 and older who has less than 5 hours logged in an aircraft. Same residency requirement.
  • Rio Colorado Chapter:
    The Rio Colorado Chapter 99s is offering three different scholarships in the amount of $1,000 for aspiring aviatrixes in the Lake Havasu or Bullhead City area. Visit the website for more details.
  • Sacramento Valley Chapter:
    The Sacramento Valley Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, Inc. is sponsoring one Aviation Flying Angels Memorial Scholarship. The applicant must be a female who is actively pursuing flight training, has soloed, passed her FAA Written Examination, and lives within 99 NM of Sacramento Executive Airport. For further information, visit the website.
  • San Diego Ninety-Nines, Inc.:
    The San Diego Chapter of the Ninety-Nines is offering five scholarships for aviatrixes in flight training. Visit the website for more info, or contact.

    • Nancy Stratford Flight Training Scholarship $1,250
    • Marian R. DeLano Memorial Scholarship $1,500
    • Dottie Sanders Memorial Flight Scholarship $1,000
    • Student Pilot Flight Training Scholarship $1,000
    • Darlene Kelly Advanced Certificate/Rating Flight Training Scholarship $2,000
  • San Fernando Valley 99s:
    Three annual scholarships available to anyone who wants to pursue careers in aviation. For additional information and an application, please visit the San Fernando Valley chapter website.
  • San Gabriel Valley 99s:
    • Jean Bustos scholarship ($1000) is awarded to a woman pilot to be used towards flying. In memory of Jean Bustos, a member of the San Gabriel Valley 99s.
    • Linda Hayden Memorial Future Woman Pilot scholarship ($1000) is awarded to a FWP to be used towards flight training. In memory of Linda Hayden, a member of the San Gabriel Valley 99s.
  • San Joaquin Valley 99s:
    The San Joaquin Valley Chapter of the International Organization of the Ninety-Nines is offering a $500 scholarship to local women.  The scholarship can be used by the recipient to obtain a Private Pilot License or toward an advanced rating. Click here for more information – Update: The scholarship deadline has been extended to July 31, 2019. 
  • San Luis Obispo 99s:
    The San Luis Obispo Co. Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, International Organization of Women Pilots, is awarding scholarships to San Luis Obispo County women interested in becoming pilots. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist with obtaining either a private pilot certificate or advanced certificate or rating. Visit the website for details.
  • Santa Barbara 99s:
    Joan Steinberger Aviation Scholarship helps a Southwest Section female student pilot complete her Private Pilot Certificate and a Southwest Section certificated pilot obtain an advanced rating or certificate.
  • Santa Rosa 99s:
    Annual scholarship for a women pilot who lives within 150 miles of STS–Sonoma County Airport. Application due about May. For additional information and an application, please visit the Santa Rosa Chapter website.
  • Sedona Red Rockettes:
    The Sedona Red Rockettes offer a $500-1,000 scholarship. For more info, contact Scholarship Chair Bette Bach Fineman.
  • Sutter Buttes 99s:
    The Sutter Buttes offer a scholarship for $1,500 open to any 99 whose chapter is based within 99 nautical miles of Yuba City, CA.  For application and/or further information visit the website or contact Carol Andrews.
  • Ventura County 99s:
    The Ventura County Ninety-Nines are pleased to offer Student Pilot and Advanced Scholarships. Visit the website for more information.
  • Yavapai:
    $1,000 award. May not be annual. Contact Marge Matheny

Other Scholarship Opportunities

  • International Society of Women Airline Pilots
    Members of the International Society of Women Airline Pilots would like to invite you to apply for our Financial and Airline scholarships. The International Society of Women Airline Pilots is a group dedicated to assisting women who aspire to be airline pilots. Our scholarships are for advanced flight training.Financial scholarships are cash awards paid directly to a flight school or training institute. Financial awards are available for CFI, CFII, MEI, ME Commercial (SE Commercial required), or ATP. Financial applicants must have a Commercial certificate for airplanes, with an instrument rating or non-U.S. equivalent.Airline scholarships are donated by corporate and individual sponsors. Past awards have included B-737 type ratings, B-727 type ratings and B-727 engineer ratings. The availability of airline scholarships changes every year, so applicants are not able to apply for specific aircraft ratings. Once awarded, the aircraft type and corporate sponsor will be announced to the winner. Airline applicants must have an ATP rating, or non-U.S. equivalent, current Flight Engineer written complete, and a First Class Medical Certificate.Please feel free to e-mail the scholarship co-chair Cheryl Konter if you have more specific questions.
  • WAI – Women in Aviation International
    Women in Aviation, International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests. Many scholarships are offered each year; more than 98 scholarships totaling more than $480,000 were granted in 2016. The deadline to apply is usually in November and the scholarships awarded in March.
    Visit the website for more information about the scholarships.
  • AOPA – Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association
    Aviation scholarships can be of the utmost importance to a student, and AOPA strives to make finding them easy. This subject report will give an applicant the tools and information necessary to create a strong scholarship application, which may give the applicant an “edge” over others who are competing for the same scholarship. The application advice includes tips such as writing about a unique experience that will capture the reader’s attention, and having the application in  well before the deadline. The subject report also offers a concise list of aviation-related scholarships.Please visit the AOPA scholarship website for their scholarship information.
  • EAA – Experimental Aviation Association
    EAA’s scholarship program encourages, recognizes and supports excellence among those studying the technologies and the skills of aviation. These annual scholarships help outstanding students who demonstrate financial need to accomplish their goals.

    Applicants should be well-rounded, involved in school and community activities as well as aviation. Academic records should show that you can successfully complete the educational activity for which you are applying. Please check individual scholarship descriptions for any special considerations.

    You must be a current EAA member or recommended by a current EAA member to apply for these scholarships.

    Please carefully read the description and requirements. Questions should be directed to

  • NATF – National Air Transportation Foundation
    The National Air Transportation Foundation (NATF), the research and educational arm of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA), offers several categories of scholarships:

  • NBAA – National Business Aviation Association
    The NBAA Charities scholarship program offers nearly $100,000 annually in cash awards as tuition reimbursement for enrolled students and nearly the same amount in monetary and training awards for working professionals in business aviation, including pilots, maintenance professionals, schedulers, dispatchers, flight attendants and flight technicians.Take advantage of these offerings to ascend in your aviation career by applying for a NBAA Charities Student scholarship or Professionals scholarship today.
  • NGPA – National Gay Pilots Association
    The NGPA Education Fund (NGPA-EF) provides scholarships to aspiring aviators with the desire to develop professional aviation skills and ratings beyond the private pilot certificate, and who have demonstrated community involvement, including support of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. Since 1998 we have awarded more than seventy scholarships totaling over $230,000.
    Click here to apply for the 2016 NGPA Education Fund Scholarships