The Southwest Section Ninety-Nines, blessed with beautiful flying weather, have traditionally been very active in the Amelia Earhart Scholarship program. As a result, a number of winners have emerged from the Southwest Section, women who have reached their aviation goals with the help of the AE Scholarship.

As Amelia Earhart Scholarship Chairman for the Southwest Section, it is the duty of my committee to proof-read the applications before they are sent to the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund International Committee, and to submit only the applications that meet the required criteria. Following are a few of the most common questions that are asked about the AE Scholarship application process:

Do I have to belong to the Ninety-Nines? Do I have to belong to a specific chapter?

Yes, you must have been a member of the Ninety-Nines for one full year prior to your application. You are not required to belong to a chapter. If you do not belong to a chapter, then you are a Section Member and will need to have the Governor sign your application.

I would like to apply for an Amelia Earhart Scholarship for my Commercial Rating and I now have a Third Class Medical. Do I have to get a Second Class Medical to apply for an AE Scholarship?

If the applicant is unable to get the required medical certificate by December 1, then she must make a notation on the application indicating when she expects to have it, and send a copy of the new medical certificate to the Chairman of AEMSF Trustees no later than February 1.

I would like to apply for an AE Scholarship for my Multi/Commercial/Instrument Ratings. Is there a problem with this?

Yes, there is a problem. You may only apply for an AE Scholarship for one rating.

I applied for an AE Scholarship last year and was not selected. May I apply again?

Yes, absolutely! You may apply as many times as you like. Many winners were not successful the first time, but by reapplying were successful later. Also, if you win an AE Scholarship, you may apply for another one for another rating in the future!

I would like to apply for an AE Scholarship for my CFI Rating but I have not yet completed my Commercial Rating. When do I have to have the Commercial Rating completed?

If a Certificate/Rating is required for an applicant to be eligible, the applicant must send a copy of the completed requirement to the AEMSF Trustees no later than February 1. A notation must be made on the application indicating your intent.

Is it necessary to have a career in aviation as my goal?

No. You must have an aviation goal, financial need, and be an active participant in the Ninety-Nines.

I have an old application form,  May I use that?

No, you must have a current application form.  You can download an application from the website, along with other information pertaining to the AE Scholarship.

When does my application have to be in?

Dec 20 is the deadline for having your application shipped to the Southwest Section Chairman.

I have other questions and cannot find the answer. Who should I contact?

First, ask your Chapter Chairman, then your Chapter Scholarship Chairman, and if you still have questions or concerns, then call Southwest Section  AEMSF Chairman and you are guaranteed a response! Remember, the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask!!

Where do I send my application?

Send one original and keep one copy in a single, traceable shipment to Southwest Section AEMSF Chairman

Is there an award for an aspiring pilot?

The New Pilot Award is for a Future Woman Pilot 99s who does not yet have her pilot’s license. The deadline for shipping a completed application to the SW Section AEMSF Chairman is Dec 20.

Are there any specialty awards?

Maule Air, Inc. has donated one award of ten hours of tailwheel flight training at Maule Flight, Inc. in Moultrie, GA. Applicants must have a one year 99s membership. Deadline for applications is Dec 20.

– Lori Parker 
(805) 552-9512