Airmarking is a Ninety-Nines’ legacy harking back to the days when our organization marked water towers in little towns all across the aviation “wilderness”. An airmarking project is a wonderful opportunity for chapters to get together in a relaxed atmosphere for a fun project. Invite your Student Pilots to join in, too, as it gives them a sense of attachment to the 99s.

Air and Space Education
Our Air and Space Education Award recognizes chapters who endeavor to fulfill our mission to “provide aviation education in the community”.

The WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program
The FAA Wings Program is open to all chapters regardless of your total number of members because eligibility is based only on those members within your chapter still actively flying.

To obtain a WINGS certificate, a pilot takes 3 Safety Seminars (either online or in person) and completes 3 flight Activities with an instructor in a given year. Credit is requested for these accomplishments online at the FAA website. Student pilots are encouraged to participate

Woman Pilot of the Year
This award recognizes a section member for her flying and training experience and service to the Ninety-Nines.