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Jacquie Warda – Jacquie B Airshows


When most people turn 50, they figure it’s time to relax and settle into neutral while coasting toward retirement. Not Jacquie B!  When Jacquie turned 50, she launched her solo aerobatic career with her one-of-a-kind Pitts Special biplane.  During the centennial celebration of powered flight [...]

Jacquie Warda – Jacquie B Airshows2021-04-05T11:23:06-07:00

Opal Kunz


Opal Kunz was the subject of discussion at the May 2013 Southwest Section meeting in Bakersfield, CA. The Southwest Section has taken up the cause to enhance Opal's grave, as a tribute to her contributions to women in aviation. These links will provide further [...]

Opal Kunz2021-05-10T23:14:44-07:00

Grace McChesney


Born and raised in Arroyo Grande, Grace married Leoy McChesney in 1935 and helped him run a dairy in San Luis for 37 years. Her husband used to come in at lunch after working out in the fields with his team of horses, and he [...]

Grace McChesney2020-11-22T16:24:09-08:00

Achsa Donnels


Achsa Donnels passed away August 12, 2003, in Laytonville, California, at the age of 99. Achsa Barnwell Peacock Holfelder Donnels was a charter member of The Ninety-Nines, Inc. Achsa (pronounced "axsa") was a member of the Bakersfield chapter. Achsa was a respected and popular presence [...]

Achsa Donnels2020-11-22T16:24:09-08:00
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