Governor’s Corner

Winter 2022

Pat Chan

Pat Chan – SWS Governer

There is much to be thankful for as progress was made throughout the year. The covid-19 pandemic gave us the reason to find innovative ways to meet, work and have fun together. Let’s look towards a new year filled with more opportunities to reach our goals.

We are grateful to have eleven Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship and three First Wings scholarship award recipients. The Chapter Scholarship Chairs and SW Section AEMSF Committee combined efforts to submit worthy candidates. The awards promote the purpose of the 99s and send members closer to their aviation dreams.

Overall the SW Section membership continues to increase. Lake Tahoe Chapter is on a rapid growth trajectory. There were 10 chapter members in July 2021. Today they have grown to 24 members in just over a year.

The 2022 Fall SW Section Meeting was a successful meeting hosted by the Air Hearts – Utah Chapter. The hybrid business meeting and banquet were held in a spacious hangar at the South Valley Regional Airport.

Attendees were treated with tours of Salt Lake City’s Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC), Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) and Air Traffic Control Tower facilities.

On the lighter side there was a private showing of Top Gun: Maverick, time at Park City and Yoga in the mornings.

The Los Angeles 99s host next year’s Winter Workshop. They take on the topic of aviation safety with a wellness retreat. The theme is “Aviatrix Wellness Retreat – A Guide to Personal Health and Chapter Growth”. Speakers for the day are Jolie Lucas (Pilot and Psychotherapist) and Captain Reyne O’Shaughnessy (Pilot and Speaker).

Please see the Los Angeles 99s Chapter’s article, in this Southwesterly, for more information.

We continue to move forward, trying new things and creating new processes.

Best Regards,

Pat Chan
Southwest Section 99s

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