Governor’s Corner

We’re off to a positive start for 2021.

On January 23rd, Air Hearts Utah 99s hosted the online SWS Winter Workshop. The focus was on social media and the following topics were presented:

  1. Social Media 101: The Basics – Alison Barker
  2. Creating and Promoting the 99s Community on Instagram – Katie Harford
  3. Security in Social Media – Sheena Templo
  4. Achieve Your Goals Through Analytics – Robin Hadfield
Pat Chan

The popular workshop was attended by one hundred 99s. Everyone enjoyed the range of presentations that took them from starting to analyzing social media sites.
Thank you, Air Hearts Utah 99s, for all the energy and effort that went into the SWS Winter Workshop.

The Reno High Sierra Chapter has switched the Spring SW Section Meeting from an in-person, to an online meeting. The continued concerns about the covid-19 pandemic made it too difficult for them to host an in-person section meeting.

At spring section meetings, we usually hear chapter reports. This gives our chapters an opportunity to share, with all of us, what they have been doing in the past year. Chapters are welcome to present their reports at the business meeting.

Although the pandemic has presented greater challenges to us, we have not stopped doing whatever we can to fulfill our mission of promoting the “advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight”.

The 99s 2021 International Conference is also facing the realities of a pandemic year. Instead of meeting on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA there will be an online 99s Annual Meeting on July 10.

Plans are well underway for our Fall NWS/SWS Joint Section Meeting. The Mid-Columbia 99s and the Las Vegas Chapter are preparing for, what we hope to be, our first in-person section meeting in more than a year. So, keep September 9 – 12, 2021 open for the joyous event.

Take Care,

Pat Chan
Governor, Southwest Section 99s


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