Governor’s Corner

The SW Section Board of Directors voted to approve an in-person 2021 Fall NWS/SWS Joint Section Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please join us as we renew friendships and conduct the business of the SW Section. Register here »

Thank you, Reno High Sierra Chapter, for hosting a very successful 2021 Spring SW Section Meeting.

At the spring section meeting, reports from all SW Section chapters were given. The chapters shared their experiences about adjusting to a year influenced by the covid-19 pandemic.

Pat Chan

SW Section Awards for Airmarking and Air and Space Education were announced as noted below:


  • Small Chapter award was given to San Gabriel Valley for painting an 80 ft. diameter compass rose last August in 105 degree heat over 2 Saturdays.  Three other chapters, Fullerton, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, helped with the airmarking and will also receive a framed recognition award. 
  • Large Chapter award was given to Reno High Sierra for painting a 50 ft. compass rose at Quincy California Airport.

Air and Space Education:

  • Small Chapter award was awarded to the Sutter Buttes Chapter.
  • Large Chapter award was awarded to Monterey Bay Chapter.

Congratulations to SW Section recipients of the 2021 Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship! Please see the Southwesterly article in this edition for their achievements.

We welcome Devery Tingey, Air Hearts – Utah 99s, in her new role as a SW Section Meeting Registration Coordinator. She has been using Club Express to get registration ready for the 2021 Fall NWS/SWS Joint Section Meeting. 

A second SW Section Meeting Registration Coordinator is needed to help coordinate scheduling and registration for our meetings. If you are interested in this position please contact a Board of Directors member for more information.


Stay Safe,

Pat Chan
Governor, Southwest Section 99s

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