Governor’s Corner

Fall 2022

Pat Chan

Pat Chan – SWS Governer

Please welcome our 2022 – 2024 SW Section Board of Directors:

Nobi Buntin, Vice Governor
Anele Brooks, Secretary
Leslie Ingham, Treasurer
Laura Del Favero, Director
Robin Gartman, Director
Kim Ernst, Nominating Committee Chairman

Our terms in office began on July 1, 2022. Since then we have met virtually a few times to transition into our offices and discuss plans for the future.

We appreciate the efforts of our 2020 – 2022 SW Section Board of Directors, who guided us through difficulties during a COVID pandemic.

Thank you to:
Dea Payette, Vice Governor
Karen Hausteen, Secretary
Irene Engard, Treasurer
Carol Munch, Director
Jennifer Perdigao, Director
Sunni Gibbons, Nominating Committee Chairman
Jeanne Fenimore, Immediate Past Governor

After two years of virtual 99s Int’l conferences, several of the SW Section Board of Directors attended the 99s International Conference & Career Expo at Charleston, SC. It was a joy to meet in-person again. We renewed friendships, attended seminars, workshops and conducted the business of the 99s.

The hybrid 99s annual business meeting was well attended. Delegates voted on two proposed amendments. The standing rules amendment to revise Standing Rule X for consistency and clarity was approved. The bylaws and standing rules amendment to remove the write-in candidate option, on ballots for 99s International elections, was not approved.

Next year the conference will be in Jordan. The following year, 2024, is scheduled to be in Vancouver, British Columbia. Then on to Burlington, Vermont in 2025.

The 99s International Board of Directors voted to have the San Diego Chapter as the host for the 2026 99s International Conference & Career Expo. The San Diego Chapter will be working with Cathy Prudhomme, Ninety-Nines International Conference Chair, on conference planning.

Air Hearts – Utah 99s is hosting the 2022 Fall SW Section Meeting, “Wings Over the Wasatch”, from September 30 – October 2, 2022 at West Jordan, UT. General aviation aircraft are welcome to fly to South Valley Regional Airport. Join us for the hybrid business meeting, where we will be hearing from some of our SW Section Committees. During the section meeting enjoy the tours and activities planned for us.

Best Regards,

Pat Chan
Southwest Section 99s
August 2022

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