A message from our Southwest Section Governor – Pat Chan

Pat Chan

Pat Chan – SWS Governor

Winter 2020

The September 12, 2020 Tucson Online Fall Section Meeting was a success. The business of the section was conducted while enjoying the hospitality of the Tucson Chapter. Eight Tucson members actively worked on several aspects of the meeting. Participation ranged from providing slides and music to handling the registration and membership verification.

Their efforts were very much appreciated.

The covid-19 pandemic continues to strongly influence our choices. Plans were in place to host the January 23, 2021 Winter Workshop at Salt Lake City, Utah. After careful consideration it was decided to change the Winter Workshop from an in-person workshop to an online workshop.

The Winter Workshop will focus on Social Media. Along with the business meeting, presentations are being prepared. Topics include: why and how to set up social media sites, creating and promoting the 99s community on Instagram, social media security and social media sites as interpreted by analytics software. There will be a Q&A Panel after the presentations.

The 2021 Spring SW Section Meeting is now an online meeting. Reno High Sierra Chapter is hosting the one day section meeting on Saturday, April 10, 2021.

This may be very optimistic, but there are still hopes that the 99s 2021 International Convention will be held in-person at Long Beach, CA on the Queen Mary. The health pandemic situation is being watched and decisions are pending.

Marjy Leggett, Mid-Columbia 99s, and Glynis Olgado, Las Vegas Chapter, are putting plans together for our NWS/SWS Joint Section Meeting. The venue is the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. We will be together from September 9 – 12, 2021.

The SWS Website has received lots of attention lately. The website was running on older versions of WordPress and Avada. Both have been updated to current versions and functional issues have been minimized.

Please welcome the new SW Section Webmaster and Web Team.

Webmaster, Team Captain: Bailey Bishop, San Diego Chapter
Web Advisor: Mary MacDonald, Bay Cities Chapter
Web Team:
Andrea (Dre) Feeney, San Diego Chapter
Maki Honda, Santa Clara Valley Chapter
Marketta (MJ) Johnson, Tucson Chapter

Ex-Officio Member: Pat Chan, Bay Cities Chapter
SWS Board of Directors Liaison: Sunni Gibbons, Santa Maria Valley Chapter
Technical Consultant: Susan Tilley, Santa Clara Valley Chapter

Take Care,

Pat Chan
Governor, Southwest Section 99s