2020 – 2022 Southwest Section Board Members

Governor: Pat Chan

My 99s membership began in 1984 with the Bay Cities Chapter, where I served as Vice-Chairman and Chairman. I have chaired the Southwest Section Oral History Committee for several years. During2016, I was elected Southwest Section Nominating Committee Chairman. Then elected Southwest Section Vice-Governor in 2018. Worked with chapters to establish the next six Southwest Section Meeting hosts. After being appointed a 99s Museum of Pilots (MWP) Trustee I was elected an MWP Trustee in 2017. Project owner of a 99s Int’l Strategic Planning Project created to improve MWP’s online presence. New MWP website published March 2019. On behalf of the MWP, I applied for an Int’l Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation Grant. The MWP was awarded the grant in June 2019. If elected Southwest Section Governor I will draw upon past experiences to fulfill the duties of the office.


 Vice Governor: Dea Payette

Since becoming a private pilot in 2014, I’ve been active with the 99s and other aviation organizations.  I have been involved with the Ninety-Nines on the Chapter, Section, and International level.  The most important element is that I love building community.  My goals are to develop a rapport with all members and supporters of this organization so that you may be heard, encouraged, and supported.  My past job experience as Operations Manager for a national corporation, having served on various community Board of Directors, understanding the needs of the 99s as I currently serve as SWS Secretary, and expertise in event productions all facilitate my ability to perform this position,   My record and performance in leadership roles is a testament of my dedication and ability to perform the duties of this position.  I am passionate about serving the 99s and commit whole-heartedly to being your next Vice-Governor.




Secretary: Karen Hausteen

I would love to be your Section Secretary! Please consider me for this position.  I have been a 99 since 1991.   I was active in the PHX Chapter for a number of years before moving away, eventually landing in the Coachella Valley and joined the chapter there, served as Chairwoman, Treasurer, newsletter, and helped with Spot Landing FlyIn CampOuts.  I moved to Porterville CA and attended some meetings and events with the Bakersfield Chapter.  In 2012 I moved back to Phoenix and rejoined my original chapter. In Phoenix, I have been the Chair of our Spot Landing Events for several years.  I have been attending several of the SW Section meetings and was thrilled to attend the International meeting in Dayton last summer. I am currently on the Section Nominating Committee and am working on the planning committee for the Queen Mary Meeting.




Treasurer: Irene Engard

I joined the Orange County Chapter 99s in 1978, shortly after receiving my PPL, then re-located to Nevada and joined the Reno Area Chapter.  In addition to working the Reno Air Races with other Chapter members; I served as Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and SWS representative. I served the SWS as Treasurer from 1986 – 1988 and was Editor of the Southwesterly for over 11 years when it was published bi-monthly. In 1988, I returned to Orange County.  My day job is “concierge bookkeeper” at my own company.  I’m a numbers gal, using my investment and tax skills to benefit my clients.  If re-elected to be the Southwest Section Treasurer, I will use my knowledge and experience to fulfill the duties of the office.




Directors (2): Jennifer Perdigao

The Ninety-Nines have been an inspiration to me since I joined in 2013 and I would like the opportunity to give back to the organization.  I have been the Chapter Chair of the Long Beach

Chapter for the last 3 ½ years and we have grown our chapter significantly and have recruited a new generation of women pilots.  We have focused on getting everyone into the air and have had wonderful results.  I am currently on the Nominating Committee for the Southwest Section and in that capacity, I have had the opportunity to meet more of the extraordinary women that make up our organization.  I have also attended the last two International Conferences.  Outside of the Ninety-Nines, I am also an aviation attorney and a member of the A&E Flying Club.  I look forward to continuing to serve the Ninety-Nines.



Carol Munch

After joining the Santa Clara Valley Chapter in 2007 I became active as co-vice Chair then served as Vice-Chair, Secretary, Nominating Committee Chair, and news reporter.  I have enjoyed meeting and interacting with dynamic and enthusiastic women from all over the world as a Liaison between foreign Sections and the International membership Committee since 2012, have participated in the Amelia Earhart Peak Climb in 2012, and have attended almost all Section and International meetings since I joined which has enabled me to see how valuable an organization we are.  Most recently I have served as the Section’s Nominating Committee Chair and have become involved with the formation of Disaster Airlift Response Teams at two of Santa Clara County’s airports.  If elected I look forward to assisting our Governor to further Ninety-Nines’ endeavors and to make our organization flourish.




Nominating Committee (5): Pat Gregory

I have been a 99s pilot for 30 years, and currently a Life Member.  I have held every office at the chapter level plus several committee chairmanships.  At the section level, I have been Governor, Vice-governor, Secretary, Technology Committee member, and Bylaws Committee member.  I was also Technology Chair at the International Level.   I have most section meetings since I joined, and several International Conferences as well as several International Board meetings and most Section Winter Workshops.  I’ve been an active pilot the entire time and maintain my instrument currency to this day.  Air racing is a passion of mine, having flown the Palms to Pines, the Havasu 600, the Air Race Classic, His and Her Great Pumpkin Classic.   I am also a life member of EAA, a member of Angel Flight, the Santa Clara County Sheriff Air Squadron, Santa Clara Airmen, Cessna Pilot’s Association.



Kathy Walton

I have been a Southwest Section member for 51 years as a member of five different chapters in Northern California and now Nevada for 16 years.  I served on the Section Nominating Committee in the ‘70s and International Nominating Committee in the ‘90s.  I served as Section Secretary, Vice Governor, and Governor in the ‘80s.  Yes, a lot of water under the bridge.  However, I have always tried to stay involved and keep up with the necessary changes trying to help mentor newcomers.

I feel I know enough members to help seek out newer members and encourage them to contribute to our Section.  I am not shy about reaching out to others and asking them to help.  I would appreciate your vote.



Andrea Garcia

Andrea Garcia is a Commercial pilot in: multi-engine, single-engine land and sea with instrument rating in airplanes and holds a private helicopter rating.  She is a graduate of CSULB with a BM in Opera Performance. Andrea has flown in 35 different aircraft in 28 different states and has had check rides in five different states. Her greatest adventures have been flying: her soon over the Grand Canyon, flying over the Biltmore estate celebrating her Private Pilot Certificate, flying seaplanes in New York City, and attending the 99s International Convention 2016 in Ottawa Canada as an AE Scholarship winner with her son, Jared. She’s created two scholarships: the Sylvia Paoli and Mike Blackstone with Fullerton Chapter and is adding one for the scholarship registry in April.  She is the Career Day Chairwoman and is looking forward to dedicating more of her time to the 99s.




Nobi Buntin

Nobi Buntin-Aloha.  My name is Nobi Buntin.  I recently obtained my Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate with the generosity of AEMSF.  Next week I am stoked to attend Pilatus PC – 12NG training at FlightSafety in Denver, Colorado.  Alongside my flight training, I work on my Aeronautical Science degree at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  My passion for aviation is so infectious that one of my three children are following in my steps and will soon take his instrument check! I absolutely adore volunteering, being involved, and FUNdraising with the amazing, energetic, and enthusiastic 99s!  It would be an immense honor to further my contributions by adding a splash of Aloha and a sprinkle of spunk on the Nominating Committee of the SWS 99s, the organization which is so dear to our hearts.



Sunni Gibbons

In my 24 years as a 99, I have forged many wonderful friendships and found invaluable support for my aviation pursuits. My intention for the Nominating Committee is to assist with enlisting high caliber candidates serving the 99s and to further maintain the high standards of camaraderie and support our membership offers.